We are planning to start our first stage from Pool Quay to Llandrinio Bridge 1775 at 6:00AM the river is often overgrown this is a stretch that is approximately 9 miles.  We are we are planning to get here in just under three hours and expect to be here around 9:00AM.

a journey of approximately nine miles if we stick to our timings we should be here for around 12:30pm this is allowing for a short break.

we will be moving from here on the next stage at 12:45.

This is a short stage of about four miles so should be just over an hour and so we expect to be here around 13:45. stopping here for a short lunch break.  leaving around 14:15

this is a stage of around eight miles taking just under 3 hours we should get here around 16:15

This is the last stage and should take about an 1 1/2 hours as long as our arms are still attached to our shoulders at this point.

Arriving at between 17:30 and 18:00